once upon a time you sinned. for this sin you are separated from GOD. you cannot repair the gap sin has put between you and GOD. Only JESUS CHRIST can bridge that gap. When JESUS becomes your SAVIOR your relationship with GOD is restored to what it was meant to be.

sin has an effect...
* romans 3:23, all have sinned.
* romans 6:23a, sin's price is death.
* revelation 20:15, that death is eternity in hell.

our efforts are futile...
proverbs 14:12/ 16:25, there is a way that seems right to a man but leads to death.
* jeremiah 17:9, the heart is deceitful above all things.
* isaiah 64:6, our good works are worthless.

JESUS bridged the gap...
romans 5:8, while we were sinners, CHRIST died for us.
* john 14:6, JESUS is the only WAY to salvation.
* romans 6:23b, the gift of GOD is eternal life through JESUS.
* romans 10:9-13, admit sin, repent, confess JESUS as LORD, and believe with faith in CHRIST alone for your salvation.

salvation restores you and GOD...
* john 1:12-13, believers made GOD's children through CHRIST's sacrifice.
* john 8:36, set free by JESUS CHRIST.
* ephesians 1:13-14, sealed by the HOLY SPIRIT guaranteeing our inheritance as GOD's possession.
* jude 24, JESUS will present believers before GOD's (FATHER, SON, & HOLY SPIRIT) presence, spotless through HIS righteousness and by HIS grace.